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Lee esto en español

Dear commoners and co-operators of the World,

There are currently a couple of areas where the FLOK Society research team needs help. Volunteer collaboration in the following fields would be much appreciated:

  • individuals with good knowledge of Ecuador's institutional and civic society, especially as related to the thematic streams
  • Indigenous researchers with knowledge on indigenous concerns
  • global volunteer researchers for the themes of each stream
  • English-to-Spanish translators
  • Spanish-to-Quechua translators
  • Spanish-to-English translators

If you want to be a contributor in one of these fields, please contact the team at indicating on the title of the message "Volunteer contribution for the FLOK Project" and stating how you would like to contribute.

In addition to that, if you believe you can contribute to one of the streams of the project, you may add that information at Research Network, specifying the following information at the specific stream:

- topic within the stream

- your email / contact information

- detailed description of your area of expertise

- how you think you could contribute to the research stream

We sincerely appreciate your willingness to give some of your time/energy/expertise to the project!