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Free/Libre Open Knowledge Society, designing a world for the commons. Welcome to FLOK Society, the project proposed by the National Institute of Advanced Studies, the Coordinating Ministry of Knowledge and Human Talent and the National Secretary for Science and Innovation, in order to change the productive matrix based on free knowledge towards a Social Economy of Knowledge.

How to design the FLOK society

A Free, Libre, Open Knowledge society is about to be built in Ecuador. Hacker, researcher, educator, economist, lawyer, citizen, nettizen, join us now and free your knowledge!

Collaborative design

We need you. This is an open initiative of the commons, a project for global collective intelligence. Wikis, proposal submission systems, forums and more will be available for you to join this experience. If your code is good enough you could come to Ecuador to join a 7 day production week.


FLOK Society

Our Team

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Learning More


General Framework

General Framework Document | Download the General Framework Document

Research Plan


  1. Human Capabilities
    1. Open Educational Resources
    2. Open and Free Culture
    3. Open and Free Culture - Post Summit
  2. Commons-oriented Productive Capacities
    1. Policy paper on biodiversity
    2. Policy paper on sustainable agriculture
    3. Policy paper on distributed manufacturing
    4. Policy paper on distributed energy
  3. Social Infrastructure and Institutional Innovation
    1. Social Knowledge and the Social Economy
    2. Public Policy for Social Economy
    3. Public Policy for a Partner State
    4. Public Policy for ICT, Open Government and Civil Society
  4. Open Technical Infrastructures
    1. Policy Paper on Free Software
    2. Policy Paper on Free Hardware
    3. Policy Paper on Cyber Security
    4. Conectivity - Post Summit
  5. Common's Infrastructure for Collective Life
    1. Policy paper on Traditional and Ancestral Knowledge
    2. Policy paper on Citizens and Communities
    3. Policy paper on Territorial Organization of the Knowledge Economy
    4. Territorial Organization of the Knowledge Economy - Post Summit



Take action

  • Mumble
  • Pad
  • Mailing lists
    • Dev o Desarrollo: All the aspects of the project are included. Subscription is free. The language of this mailing list is Spanish.
    • Reseacrh: To research the different streams of the project. The subscription is moderated. The language of this mailing list is English.
    • Communication: Communication campaigns about FLOK Society. The subscription is moderated. The language of this mailing list is Spanish.

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