Proposed General Structure of the Policy Documents

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Preparatory stage and diagnostics

  • Integration of policy and technical teams .
  • Identification of the need for public policy.
  • Creation of opportunities for participation of stakeholders .
  • Collection of disaggregated information and recommendations of international mechanisms , regional

and national human rights and civil society reports prepared under the regulatory framework participation .

  • Situation analysis and characterization of the problem or opportunity for development, including

problems of exclusion , discrimination and inequality in the exercise of rights.

  • Development of action alternatives .
  • Costing of alternative actions .
  • Nesting of alternatives and selection of alternative action.

Step of defining policies, programs and projects

  • Formulation of the general guidelines for public policy.
  • Places for citizen participation to ensure the implementation and policy analysis

for equality.

  • Incorporation and analysis of policies for equality.
  • Analysis from the territorial dimension.
  • Formulation of policies, guidelines , goals , indicators, programs and projects.
  • Territorialisation interventions .
  • Preparation of policy document.
  • Definition of programs and policies articulated projects.
  • approximate costing of programs and projects .

Sectoral policy approval and incorporation into the system

  • Adjustment and validation of the proposed level of technical equipment.
  • Settings of the contents provided in the spaces of citizen participation.
  • Adjustment and validation of the proposed level political team .
  • Presentation of the draft policy for review SENPLADES .
  • Presentation of the proposal for review and approval of the respective Sector Council.