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Important Events and Meetings

Joined agenda -->

Where is each of us going and when ; where <should> we be going ?


November 2013

December 2013

  • Meeting with 5th floor IAEN researchers to present our mutual projects


Planned Meeting Agenda

Meeting November 27

  • Planned bi-weekly invitational seminars
  • Full-day topical seminars
  • Attendance at local workshops of infodesarollo
  • Discuss how we can use in a productive way the 4-hour classes (mandatory as per IAEN's contract) we must give until Dec, 31st and when/where this is going to happen. We have freedom to do the way /for the public we want to.

Meeting November 29

  • Review of the five scoping documents
  • Review of the five expert lists
  • Welcoming George
  • Planned Events
    • int'l workshop with scpm on state / civil society market
    • subject seminars per stream
    • inviting ecuadorian experts
    • 4 hour teaching requirement
    • attending at least one infodesarrollo
  • The issue of buying books
  • Bibliography

Meeting December 3

  • research presentation by George
  • using Zotero
  • Discussion of publication and conference presentation of research work

Meeting December 5

  • George Dafermos research presentation
  • awful logo
  • communication policy in general
  • post-Bauwens departure (xmas break holidays)
  • publication schedule starting in January (w/ communication policy)

Meeting December 9

  • Scope and sourcing documents: ensure consistency in structure/format
  • Start working on the policy documents
  • Prepare calendar/milestones per each stream for January
  • Reports/policy documents per stream: they have to be connected to each other
  • What to do with the 4hour class/seminar:
    • Thu 19 Dec: Janice (14.00-16.00)
    • Fri 20 Dec: John, George (10.00 – 16.00)
    • Mon 23 Dec: Jenny, Daniel (10.00 – 16.00)
    • what we need to do next: book a room (ask Pancho) for the above dates.
    • Also, write an abstract for each class/lecture

December 11

  • 10 am: Meeting with Econ.Gabriela Córdova (Intendencia de Estadísticas Estudios y Normas delegada por el Superintendente de economía popular y solidaria)

Meeting January 6

  • Updates on where our research/writing is at
  • Research framework and policy - what the overall structure and framework of our research is, the key policy areas we are focusing on, and how all this is going to fit together.
  • Deadlines/goals for our first drafts - should we keep the first draft for Feb. 15?
  • Outstanding issues that we still need to address - Urgent need for a Spanish translator; status of prometheus positions; status on two Ecuadorian researchers, Administration; communications; publisher for the research;, etc.
  • Trip to the Amazonas (John, Jenny) scheduled to this coming weekend.
  • Janice's presentation of FLOK and the research on Jan, 8th at Cafolis.
  • Status/further actions to be done on the PESC (the document we have been working with SENESCYT)
  • Overview on the seminars we are supposed to organize for the next weeks (with SPCM, per stream, with civil society)
  • Discussion on presentation for Yachay
  • Meeting with Rifkin’s Office (Jan 22)

Meeting January 14

  • Interview with two Ecuadorian specialists - we need to schedule an interview with them.
  • Infodesarrollo workshops - January, 20th/21st in Quito - who will be going - anyone going to other locations?
  • Welcome to Paul - maybe he wants to talk about his ideas for stream 1?
  • Updates to Michel and Paul on latest news: possible reduction of the 20/25 specialists to come, cumbre moved to last week of May, etc.

Meeting Minutes Documents

FLOK Research Meetings

Other Meetings

20.11.2013 with Infodesarrollo:

21.11.2013 with YasuniSi:

25.11.2013 with decano Patricio:

26.11.2013 with Fernando Rosero Garcés, coordinador general del Centro Andino para la Formación de Líderes Sociales (CAFOLIS)

03.12.2013 with EFF's members:

03.12.2013 with Infodesarrollo: