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Welcome to the Research Portal, here is where we share our work in order to receive feedback from the community. We have outlined the main proposals in our Research Plan, please take a look to get the big picture! Also the Research Plan Provided by the Research Coordinators can give you an idea on how we are developing each different area in order to create this proposed model for a social knowledge economy. As we see this as an emergent effort of those commoners around the world, we have made a call on them at our Open Letter to the Commoners, please read it to get some inspiration.

If you are not that much into science, or you don't have a lot of time to go deep into every field, there are other different ways of helping.





  1. Human Capabilities
  2. Commons-oriented Productive Capacities
  3. Social Infrastructure and Institutional Innovation
  4. Open Technical Infrastructures
  5. Commons’ Infrastructure for Collective Life